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SM  Prep Course - Feedback

I would like to thank IIPM for having a wonderful course. The study materials are comprehensive but easily understood. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues who wanted to take the same course.
Thank you and more power!
                                             Glenn Martinez, Planning/ Scheduling Engineer, Al-Yamama Company, Saudi Arabia.
I would like to say thank you to IIPM, especially Mr. Ari. In my country, Taiwan, there is no course for PMI-SP and PMI-RMP. So it is impossible to apply these two professional examinations in Taiwan. By the chances, I attended the web courses of IIPM when I worked in India. Finally, I cleared the PMI-SP in 2010 and PMI-RMP in 2011.
I want to share my gratification with everyone and appreciate IIMP's training courses.
Thanks a lot!
Chi Wing Tang (Paul), PMP, PMI-SP, PMI-RMP, Taiwan.
The course looks to be nicely prepared. Thank you to the IIPM Team.
                                                                Click here to see feedback from Sridhara Murthy, PMP, Hyderabad, India.

Learning experience and course structure was very good.
        Click here to see feedback report from Chung Po Liao (Paul), CINDA Engg & Construction Pvt. Ltd., Kerala.
Overall the course is good.
                        Click here to see feedback report from Lin Po Shuo, CINDA Engg & Construction Pvt. Ltd., Kerala.
I am an online student of IIPMs PMI-SP exam Prep Course. I have taken my PMI-SP exam on 21/7/2010 and I successfully cleared the exam. Thank you very much for IIPM team.
                                                                                    Ajith Janadharan,
Planning Engineer, ETA M & E, Dubai, UAE.
Thanks to IIPM. I passed the PMI-SP exam. Your learning program helped me so much. It seems like I’m the first Japanese who passed the exam. I can’t believe that this excellent course costs only $250. I’ll let my colleagues know this course.
                                                                     Click here to see  feedback report from
Kenichi Sekiya, Kobe, Japan.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Very informative and helpful.  Thank you for the excellent course and the excellent support during the several instances that I contacted you for guidance and advice.
                                                                                                                        Russell J. Figueira, Pennsylvania, U.S.A .
Great online training!
The course is well organized. Most of the topics have been covered at length. It was very helpful to go through the course without any problems. I would definitely suggest this course to any scheduler.
Jnaneshwar Surabathula,
Click here to see feedback report from Hsu Wei Yueh, CINDA Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd., Kerala.
Thanks, very good support and response.
                                                         Click here to see feedback report from Yadav Rakesh Ramchander, Dubai.

The course material has been very well prepared in detail and is quite helpful.
                                                                                                                                               Sanjay Koul, Almadi, Kuwait.
First, I would like to comment on the continuing improvement that was always in progress at IIPM during my study time. This attribute is wonderful and causes a desire in me to follow further education goals using your site. Furthermore, the material is laid out in such a way as to catch the interests of the student. It is diverse and covers many areas that are necessary for the breath of knowledge needed for the subject. Your study system also gave me confidence to reassert myself for the PMI-SP certification.
                                                                                                                                  Axel Hartquist, USA.
Click here to see feedback report from
Chang Pao Chieng,
CINDA Engineering & Construction Pvt. Ltd., Kerala.

I enjoyed the expanded views & explanations on risk outside the PMBOK Guide. Especially, the Automotive industry. The website was very easy to use, navigate through and understand. I will enjoy having 3 months of access, so I can take the exam.                                                                                         
                                                                                                                                                        William Muirhead, USA.
I am impressed by your whole course. This course do provide a good direction for a person preparing for PMI-SP, if he has a good background in planning. Of course, one has to go much deeper.
                                                                                                                                                                      Rakesh, Kerala.

This course offers tools , techniques and knowledge in scheduling field, it improves my confidence and my skills to pass the exam which I prepared to offer it.
                                                                                                                                                 Omar Abdulraheem, K.S.A.

I appreciate the flexibility of the IIPM Chennai staff to extend all support and understand the priorities for a student pursuing the exams for PMI-SP. I find the material provided in the website useful to study and prepare
for the exam to maintain focus on the subject topics. All will depend now on my performance in the exams.
                                               Nishikant Choudhary,  Senior Project Controls Specialist at Fluor BV, Netherlands.
Its really good to have an online training program for Project management scheduling professional course. It gives an opportunity to know about the topics related to project management scheduling.

        Sections with Mr. Ari's notes are really good. But, it would be great if Ari's notes will be present for all the chapters in this online training program.
                                                                                      Sasikanth Sankareswaran Arunachalam, Tamilnadu, India.
I found this course enjoyable and it provided me such a very good understanding on the scheduling and planning concept.
I would like to thank you and your team for your great support and I will also recommend this class to my friends as well.                                                                                               
                                                                                       Mrs. Siriwan Hanpadungdhamma,
Bangkok, THAILAND.
Thanks to Project Management Institute for emphasizing the importance of scheduling through this PMI-SP exam. Apart from this exam, the "Practice Standard on Scheduling" is a good reference guide for developing realistic and dynamic schedules.
                              Very special thanks to Mr. Ari and IIPM for bringing the Online-course on PMI-SP. I would like to share my experience about the Online course and preparation mode followed for this exam in three stages.

Stage 1: Learn
a) About IIPM PMI-SP Online Course:
           Range and depth of the topics covered in the online course is more than sufficient to understand scheduling practices. This course provides enough idea about calculating estimated duration using
PERT, standard deviation, variance of activity and critical path, probability of completing an activity and project. Don't miss: Read "Ari's hints" and go through the glossary of terms.

b) About PMBOK and Practice Standard on Scheduling:
        Memorizing the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs won't work in the exam, please understand their relations. This is what is tested in the exam. Though the exam focuses mainly on PMBOK Time Management Knowledge Area, you need to understand that PM just knowing the processes in Time management would not be appreciated. So, you need to understand how Time management processes are affected and affect the other PM process. For example, "Schedule Control" process has relationship with the processes in "Communication" Knowledge Area. Understand the best practices recommended by "Practice Standard on
Scheduling" in terms of scheduling. Don't miss: Scheduling components, their good practices and glossary of terms.
       Be Prepared! Read and spend some time in understanding each and every line in the Online course, PMBOK Guide and Practice Standard on Scheduling.

Stage 2: Demonstrate
           Online course has about two-three Case studies about PERT, CPM too. Download them, work on it and send the answers to Mr. Ari for validation.

Stage 3: Validate

IIPM Online Course:
        Flash card: It is cool. Rather than displaying 4 options, I found flash cards in Online course creates more interest to explore and learn.
         Mock test: I would say, you should not miss this. Though Ari says, about 8 test with 80% and above is sufficient, I suggest you take as many test as possible. I remember taking at least 15 tests with score more than 95%.
         I just would like to conclude "... Time once lost is lost...". So, rush and get certified as PMI-SP.
                                                            B. Sai Prasad, M.Phil, SCJP, MCP, MCTS, SSGB, PMP® , Chennai, INDIA.


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