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MS Project Batch: 02, 03 March 2012: Chennai

Thanks to IIPM. This tool would be really useful in practical projects.
                                                 J. Muthukumar, Asst. Manager, Visteon Automotive System Ltd.
Very interactive session. Objective of the course is met
                                                                  R.N.Sundar, Manager, Visteon Automotive System Ltd.
Understood the concepts clearly. The presentation was more focused on practical implementations.
                                           Dhana Sekaran.K, Senior Engineer,Visteon Automotive System Ltd.
Explanation and examples were very good to understand the concepts.
                                     S.B.Harish Prabhu, program Manager, Visteon Automotive System Ltd.
Very useful training program. Faculty explained the concepts clearly with lot of examples.
                                                     Harsh-Sharma, PD-Engineer, Visteon Automotive System Ltd.

MS Project Batch: 08, 09 October 2011: Chennai

It was an excellent program. Thank you.
                                                    Ramesh Valiya Naduvath, Project Manager, Indus Teqsite Pvt Ltd.
The presentation skills, faculty inputs, level of interaction and understanding were excellent. Also, I got an idea of using this tool.
                                                                               Srikrishna Parathasarathy(IEEE), System Analyst.
The course content provided was clear and more useful & practical.
                                                                    Murali.R , Program Manager, Scope International Pvt. Ltd.
It was an excellent training program.
                                                                              Viju Varghese George, Project Manager, FIS Global.
The training program was excellent and very useful.
                                    Venkataramani Boothapalli Sundararajan, Associate PM, HCL Technologies.
I got a good exposure to MS Project 2007. Thanks.
                                                                                      Anupkumar, Project Manager, Mahindra Satyam.
The faculty was excellent with good presentation skills. He explained the concept clearly with lots of real time examples. He kept the class lively.
                                                                                   Dawood Jabeen Anjum.
Overall the course was very good.
                                                              T A H Ramaswami.

MS Project Batch: 23, 24 August 2011:Corporate Batch L & T Chennai

Got good knowledge on MS Project software, even though new to this. Thanks for the professional teaching. I had no idea on this and the course was a good opportunity to get knowledge on MS Project.
                                                                                                   A. Revathi, Asst. Engg. Manager (O2), L&T.
Excellent. The program was very useful to understand how to monitor the cost as well as control the project.
                                                                                                                  Sivaraj N, Planning Engineer, L & T.
Good. Training (on Project Management theory) before opening MS Project is very useful to work in MSP.
                                                                                                               S. Manikandan, Senior Engineer, L&T.
Very Good interactive sessions for the two days training program.
                                                                                                       Govardhan R, Construction Manager, L&T.
Excellent presentation skills and level of interaction. Overall the session as very good.
                                                                                                         Bhaskar Sarathy, Manager, PT& D (L&T).
The analysis was excellently done, in tune with our Business lines. Overall a very educative program.
                                                                                    Debashish Mukherjee, Manager (Elect), L&T (TLBU).
Excellent faculty inputs. Overall presentation was good.
                                                                                                              B. Mahalingam, Senior Engineer, L&T.
Overall the training program was useful. Also understood basic concepts in Project Management.
                                                                                                                      Vijayashree V, Sr. Engineer, L&T.
This course was beneficiary to all of us. Will help us to improve our work and Projects.
                                                                                                 Rajesh P, Senior Engineer, Solar- TLBU (L&T).
Overall the session as very good.
                                                                                      S. Balamurugan, Senior Engineer, L&T ECC Division.
Excellent presentation skills and faculty inputs. Overall a very good course.
                                 Raghavendra. K. S., Senior Engineer, L&T, Power Transmission & Distribution I. C.
Good presentation of details. Overall program was good.
                                                                                                Pankaj Saraswat, Senior Engineer, L&T – ECC.

MS Project Batch: 07, 08th May 2011: Chennai

The faculty has very high level of knowledge and passion towards MS Project. Excellent training skills. He is too good and par from excellence.
                                                                       K Venkat Raghavan, Principal Consultant, Auro Infotech.
Before enrolling for the course, I was skeptical on course coverage in 2 days, but I am more than happy that my knowledge level on MSP has improved. Thanks to IIPM and special thanks to the faculty.
                                                                                               Sharavan Kumar, DGM, Wartsila India Ltd.
Very Good. Overall presentation was excellent.
                                                                 K. Boopathi, Scientist, Centre for Wind Energy Technology.
This was a good opportunity to learn. Excellent trainer.
                                                                            C. Gnanavel, Asst. Manager, F. Harley & Co. Pvt. Ltd.
The faculty was absolutely good. He should continue to guide professional aspirants with his knowledge.
                                                                                                       V. Umesh Kumar, KAM, Auro Infotech.
The program was worth spending 2 days.
                                                                     S. Balamurugan, Officer, TVS.
The course was excellent. A very good one. Thanks to the faculty.
                                                                                                                 Ramesh, program manager, TCS.
Very good coverage of course and faculty inputs. Excellent presentation skills.
                                                                                                   T. Suresh Kumar, Junior Engineer, C-Wet.

MS Project Batch: 12, 13th February 2011: Chennai

The program had good course content and was structured well. Overall the program was worth the time spent.
                                                                                                                      Agalya, HCL Technologies.
The faculty has in-depth knowledge is MS-Project. Overall the presentation was excellent.
                                        Pradeep L, Sr. Software Quality Engineer, HTC Global Service Pvt. Ltd.
All Sessions were interesting, due to the practical samples and exercises given.
                                                                      S. R. Kumareswaran, Sr. Engineer, Suzlon Energy Ltd.
The training was effective and was an eye-opener. Overall the program was good.
                                              Sajid Faiz Ahmad, New Product Engineer, Dell India Manufacturing.
Very good inputs from the faculty. Overall an excellent training program.
                                                                        S. Satyamurthy, Project Lead, Inautix Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Excellent coverage of course and faculty inputs. Overall an excellent course.
                                                                                             Ravi Natarajan, Project Manager, Syntel.

MS Project Batch: 9, 10th October 2010: Chennai

The faculty was fantastic in the teaching ways. He has in-depth knowledge in the topic.
                                                           Jesudas Chinnatamphi, Development Manager, Ingersall Rand.
The faculty is highly knowledgeable and he made things easily understandable with easy concepts. Just keep it up. This course is highly recommended for every Project Manager who wants to excel in time management.
                                                                                                                  Namo Venkatesh, Warranty PM, HP.
Overall course was well drafted. Good course coverage.
                                                               R. Rajesh Raja, Project Manager, Computer Science Corporation.
Overall a very good course. Nice Experience.
                                                                                Diwakar R, Project Manager, Keane India Ltd.
Excellent Level of understanding and presentation skills of faculty. Overall a very good course.
                                                                          S .A. Sayeed, Sr. Manager-IT, Hexaware Technologies Ltd.

MS Project Batch: 28, 29 August 2010: Chennai

Very informative training session. This course would be really useful in the practical projects.
                                                                                                           P L Kannan, Project Manager, TCS
I really appreciate the faculty, the way he conducted the course and the presentation was really good.
                                                                         R. Sureshbabu, Team Lead-RBS, Royal Bank Scotland (RBS)
Very good class. The trainer was excellent and patiently answered all questions.
                                                                                                                                      Pathma N Raj, Consultant
The course presentation was very good, interactive and useful.
                                                                                        Sunilkumar Elisetty, Project Manager, UST Global.
Very good coverage of course and faculty inputs. Excellent presentation skills.
                                                                                                  B. Prem Sundar, Maintenance Manager, CEIL
Very good level of interaction and understanding. Great inputs by faculty.
                                                                                                                              Konduri Naga Ravikanth, CSC

MS Project Batch: 17, 18 July 2010: Chennai

The faculty is very good in presentation & the entire course was very useful. It’s a good program.
                                                                                                  P. Ramesh, Project Manager, L & T Infotech.
Excellent coverage of course and presentation skills by faculty. Overall a good training program.
                                                                                                                        CV. Yuvaraj, AVP, IT Company.
Very good faculty inputs and facilities provided. The level of interaction was excellent.
                                                                         Jose N S, Associate Consultant, Tata Consultancy Services.
Excellent faculty inputs and presentation skills. Very good coverage of course.
                                                                  A Balachachandraselvan, Section Engineer, Southern Railway.
Very good level of interaction and understanding. Overall a good training session.
                                                  Abirami Pandurawgan, Administrative Secretary, CADS Software India.
Presentation skills and level of interaction was excellent. Overall a very good training program.
                                                       Sundararaman K, Principal Consultant, MPhasis Finsolutions Pvt Ltd.

MS Project Batch: 24, 25 June 2010: Chennai

The faculty handled the class with care and paid attention to each question being asked. Had lots of tips along the way. Had a good time.
                                                                                                   V.Veerabadhran, Manager, Amten systems.
Good two days of learning and understanding of MS Project 2007. Excellent coverage and very good faculty. Good job keep it up.
                                                                                Ramesh Ramachandran, Product Manager, isoft India.
Kindly mail us the updates in this field. Thanks to IIPM. The faculty interest was encouraging for even a no-voice tech like myself. Thanks to the trainer.
                           Sridharan Parasuraman, Project Engineer, Façade Solution, Six-Sigma Baharain Ltd.
Lots were covered within two days time period. The trainer was excellent and course material was good.
                                                                                                                                S.Vasuki, Sr.Architech, L&T.
A well active classroom training program. Thanks to the trainer.
                                                                                                                    VN. Ramesh, Manager, Navy.
Great program.
                          K. Suresh, Sr.Architech, L&T – Eccd.
Very good. Best Trainer and Best Training.
                                                                         Sanjay Sundaram, Associate Consultant, HCL ISD.
Good training.
                                    Devoji Rao Rajappa Vijayalakshmi, Program Manager, Temenos India Pvt Ltd.
Good Teacher.
                                Mohan Kumar, KLA Tech cor.

MS Project Batch: 5, 6 June 2010: Chennai

Faculty has really taken an excellent 2 days session on MS Project-2007 and the objective of the course is well met. Though I am not using MS Project and am new to it, this course has given me a very good idea about how to use this and has made me confident.
                                                         S. Balakrishnan, Associate Project Manager, HCL Technologies Ltd.
Faculty has excellent knowledge and presented all views greatly. Had a very interactive session and this cleared all my doubts immediately. Overall training was very good and we have learnt what we expected to learn from such a course.
                                                                       L Gopinath, Regional Service Delivery Manager, 3I-Infotech.
I am confident that I will be able to start using the tool immediately after the completion of the training. An engaging session that highlighted the usefulness(effectiveness) of MS Project. Continue the good job. Kudos to the faculty for being an energetic trainer. His passion to share his experience & tips(on the tools) is worth appreciating.
                                                     Sukanya Mohan, Business Process Analyst, The World Bank, Chennai.
Overall the two days training course is very interesting and very useful. Thanks for giving such a good learning opportunity to me.
                                                                                                 Surya K, Software Developers, IIPM Infotech.
Whatever we learnt from this two days training program is very useful practically.
                                                                                 P. Suresh, Electrical Engineer, Ramel ex Pvt Ltd, Pune.
Excellent way of presenting the MS Projects concepts and great inputs by faculty.
                                                                                            M. Mohamed Sadiq, Senior Associate, Cognizant.

MS Project Batch: 11, 12,  April 2009: Chennai

Overall course quality and delivery was exxellent.                            Jeevan, CSC
Very good experience.
                           Murali , Technical Engineer .
Good Learning.                                      Harini Rajagopalan, Associate Manager, CSC.

Good course coverage, Excellent presentation skills and faculty inputs.            
                                                              Mohammed Nizamudeen, Sr.Software Engineer, CSC.

The course was very useful to me.

                                     Selvakumar Kalyanasundaram, Sr.Software Engineer, Covansys Pvt Ltd.

MS Project Batch: 29, 30 November 2008: Chennai

MS Project Batch: 12, 13 April 2008: Chennai

Faculty did a good job.                                                     Balaji Sundaram, Project Manager, HP.
Faculty and course coverage is good.
                           Murali Ramaswamy, I CONNECT LC.
The course gives a good overview of the tool. A very good outline and effort.
 R. Vetrivel, CEO, Acsys Software (CAMS Group)
Good course coverage, presentation skills and faculty inputs.             Sathya Krupa Gandhi, BPA, HP.
Honed my tracking skills. Hope to do better tracking henceforth.

                                     Sridhar Pandurangiah, Associate Vice President, Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.

Very good level of interaction and level of understanding.
                                                             Rajiv Kanna, Project Manager, GAVS Information Services Pvt. Ltd

A very useful training session.

                                                      Rangesh Vasudeva Rao, Project Manager, CADS Software (I) Pvt. Ltd.

MS Project Batch: 17, 18 November 2007: Chennai

A very good supplement to PMP.              S. Vaidyanathan, Project Manager, POLARIS.
Course was overall good. Will be attending future courses with IIPM.
                                                                         V. Srikanth, Manager-Projects, Scope International Ltd.
Very good course coverage and presentation skills.  
                                                                         K. Lakshminarasimhan, Senior Manager, CMC Ltd.
It is interesting and knowledgeable.        Mahindar Singh, Location Manager, Godrej.
Very good level of interaction and level of understanding.      N. Murugesan, PMP.

MS Project Batch: 8, 9 September 2007: Chennai

Excellent level of interaction and level of understanding.
R.S. Mohan Kumar, Manager, SWIFT Computer Tech. Pvt Ltd.
I feel faculty did an excellent job of making the participant feel comfortable with MS Project
at the end of day 2.                         
 V. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Systems Analyst, Hewitt Associates.
Overall a wonderful experience in learning same institution will be preferred for further studies.
         C.G. Gireesh Kumar, Executive – NI & S Operations, VSNL Global Services Global Services Ltd.

MS Project Batch: 21, 22 July 2007: Chennai

Clear conceptual knowledge. Nice blend of project management process and tool use experience.
Will definitely recommend to my follow PMs.
Murugesan Ramakrishnan, Program Manager, Skytech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Faculty interaction with the team was very good. Good course coverage.
                                                                 Kavitha Sureshkumar, Information Officer, The World Bank.
Excellent presentation skills and level of understanding. Too good.
P. Sankaranarayanan, Project Manager, INDIA-COMNET.
Excellent presentation skills and faculty inputs.
Praveen Krishnan, KLA-Tencor Software India Pvt. Ltd, IT-Manager.
This is very used to support understand the MS Project.
 A.M.I. Rasool Mydeen Lebbai, Fresher (B.Tech-IT).

MS Project Batch: 2, 3 June 2007: Chennai

Good course work. Happy.                                        Riccardo Soff, Program Manager, Amazon.com
Will apply to my scope of work. Good course.
                                                      R. Srinivas, Program Manager, Alcatel-Lucent Development India.
Very good presentation skills and level of understanding.
                                                                                  Y. Karthikeyan, Project Manager, Ramco Systems.
Very good level of interaction and level of understanding.
                                                                      Rajesh Cisro, Project Leader, Value source Technologies.

MS Project Batch: 24, 25 February 2007: Chennai

Good insight into MSP2003. Satisfied with the program.
                                              R. Rajit, Group Leader, Geometric Software Solutions.
It was a good training. Would certainly help me.
                                              Avinesh Kumar Singh, Project Manager, Patni Computer Systems.
This course is structured well.    Paulson Alexander, Sr. Manager, Marshals’ Corporate Group.

MS Project Batch: 16, 17 December 2006: Chennai

The MS Project 2003 course was very informative. The presentations and course material for the course was excellent. Thank you very much.
                                                              Krishnan Kameshwaran, Senior Consultant, i-flex Solutions Ltd.
Faculty inputs are really very useful to understand and use the MS Project is practice.
                                                       Biju Puthussery Kannappan, Deputy Consultant, CSC India Pvt.Ltd.
On the whole it was very good. Would like to attend and update my knowledge on all possible project management areas.                  P. Nirmal Kumar, Project Leader, Bharatplanet Consulting Ltd.
Coming from Emirates- Dubai to attend the course itself shows the difference. Good show. Best of luck.                              Allabaksh, Software Engineer, Emirates Post, Dubai, UAE.
Excellent performance by Sai Prasad.     Velumani Jaganathan, Information Analyst, EDS India.
Overall the rating I can give is excellent. It is beyond expectation.
                                                                        S. Narayanan, Project Manager, HCL Technologies Ltd.
Training is very useful for maintaining project. I am very happy to attend this training and it is very useful.                                                      R. Sivakumar, Asst.Manager, Freight Systems (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Knowledge gained will help to do better tracking of projects.
                                                          Ms. Adilatchoumy Sankar, Engineering Manager, APC, Bangalore.

MS Project Batch: 3, 4 June 2006: Chennai
  • I would recommend this course to my friends.
                                                            Vetri Annamalaivel, Technical Project Manager, PFPC Inc., PA.

  • Very good course coverage and level of interaction. S.C. Subramaniam, Manager, Accenture.

  • It was a very good learning experience.       S. Vivek, Project Manager, HCL Technologies Ltd.

  • Very good presentation skills and level of understanding.
                       Rajapandian Ramesh, Sr. System Analyst, Indo-Jordan Chemicals Company, Jordan.

MS Project Batch: 4, 5 March 2006: Chennai
  • Maximum learning in short/limited time span. Great starting point in MS Project usage.
                                                                                     Ramesh Radhakrishnan, Modal Lead, WIPRO LTD.

  • The content was well presented. Excellent training process.
                                                                                             V. Ravindran, Sr. Project Leader, Element K.

  • It was a good learning experience. Definitely will help day to day life of PM’s life.
                                                         Nainar Mohammed, Project Manager, Cellar Stone India Pvt Ltd.

  • Very useful. V. Venkataramani Viswanathan.

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